Did you know that you have a one year free maintenance on your SAINT TRACY RINGS?

We use the best craftsmanship in producing your rings, we want more than anything for your stones to stay on your rings forever.

But sometimes, the claws holding the stones may be weak due to use, or it just falls off for whatever reason, we at Saint Tracy accept full responsibility and are here to fix it for free.

Just like the buttons on your designer shirt can fall off, stones may fall off at some point.

The month of AUGUST is our month of free Maintenance. If you have any of our Jewelry with stone issues kindly bring it to any of our stores closer to you, (Ikeja, Lekki, Abuja or Port Harcourt) for FREE cleaning, polishing and fixing.

But you will need to give us 7 working days for it to go through the goldsmith and back to our stores. 

Thank you all for your patronage and constant referrals. We appreciate you all.

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