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Yes!!! – He has proposed with a beautiful engagement ring and you can’t wait to share with all your friends and loved ones. But, did you know that apart from indicating a proposal has happened – your ring may also be somewhat of a pointer to your personality as a couple and although nothing is guaranteed to be true, we think it’s fun to read through and see if any do, may or already have added up to be factual. Do let us know your thoughts.

Princess-Cut: Fairy-Tale inspired

There’s just something about a princess cut that symbolizes timelessness. Your love and relationship is most likely filled with a lot of affection and your wedding may even be a fairy-tale inspired celebration.

Round-Cut: The Timeless Couple

This is a classic style for a classy couple. Also seen as a timeless design with diamonds that have a lot of sparkle, the couple that chooses this sort of style are a bit traditional and their wedding day may incorporate many traditional elements in the celebration.

Emerald-Cut: The Glamorous pair

If you’re a couple that is very glamorous, over the top and loves attention – then you’ll most likely go for this type of ring. It has a mix of so many styles including: contemporary lines, vintage flair and glam tendencies.

Heart-Shapes: The Bold couple

A couple who decides on this type of ring are very bold and embrace the spotlight.

Colored stones:  The Non-Conformists

A couple that settles for colored stones are usually vibrant. Colorful additions to an engagement ring may also scream “non-conformist” – and it’s great to be different!

Marquis-Cut: The sexy couple

If you are an extrovert and don’t mind being the center of attention then this might be for you. It gives a hint of sex appeal to the bride who can pull it off and she’s seen as very confident.

Asscher-Cut: The Vintage-Loving couple

If you’re are a couple with a love for thrifting then the asscher cut might be a perfect fit. It’s got a vintage charm that’s not very common.

Cushion-Cut: Romantics

This ring, which gets its name from its rounded corners and curved sides has a very subtle design and shows that you’re both very romantic and not afraid to let the world know!

The wedding planner industry is still somewhat of a new industry in this part of the world.

This is because for many of us in Nigeria and indeed Africa – there’s usually a large extended family – and so an aunt or close friend of the family assumes the responsibility of “wedding coordinator”.

But, if we aren't being overly sentimental, we will agree that most of the time, the occasion doesn't always go as planned - some people don't get food, the bridal party arrives late or worse still the groom cannot recollect where he kept the wedding rings - not because aunt didn't try, but simply because it requires someone who is committed, knowledgeable as well as experienced to make sure the various aspects that make the occasion a memorable one goes off without any hitch.

There’s so much a wedding planner can help you with from pre wedding to post wedding. While some brides might think it is an unnecessary expense – great wedding planners help you maximize your budget and save you some money.

If you’re about to get married and hope for everything to go as near perfect as possible - here are a few benefits of hiring a wedding planner.

  1. Budget: Whatever your budget is, big or small, a good wedding planner can help you stick to it. In addition, because they know what’s more important, they can help you stretch it such that it has more impact than if you had managed it without a professional.
  1. Keep you in track: It is easy to get overwhelmed with so many things when planning a wedding – especially because you’re going to be getting a lot of input from friends and family who think they know better. Your planner is going to come in very handy because he/she will push to make sure your vision for your big day is how you have envisioned it.
  1. Keep things stress-free: A wedding planner can do all the running around for you, allowing you to focus on your big day. From ensuring that the bridal party arrives early, to making sure that everyone gets served at the wedding.
  2. Enjoy Discounts: You’d enjoy a lot of discounts – if you hire a planner, because vendors generally aim to please them (they are a repeat business) – unlike if you were dealing with the vendors directly.
  3. Nothing falls through the cracks when you have a planner: From helping the bride pick up her dress for fitting, to ensuring that the décor and sitting arrangements is just right, to other details you didn’t even know were possible. The wedding planner stays on top of everything.
  4. Honeymoon: Your planner may also help you come up with great ideas for your honey moon. They have experience working with other couples, and so they can help you find a great vacation spot that’s within your budget.

Of course, great wedding planners aren’t exactly cheap. But, everyone I know that has had one said it was worth every penny. I encourage you to hire someone your friend has used or hire someone based on a referral or read their reviews online before making a decision. If you’re going to be trusting them with your big day, make sure they are trustworthy, reliable and organized.