How can something be so flawless and yet affordable? (CZ)

How can something be so flawless and yet affordable? (CZ)

Every Lady wants to bask in the euphoria of having a Diamond on her ring finger but sometimes the cost can be too hard on your wallet. It doesn’t mean you can’t be at the top of your game with some bling. One of the best substitutes to diamond is cubic zirconia also called “CZ” or Simulated Diamonds.  Apart from the fact that these stones looks exactly like diamonds, they are also affordable and budget friendly! In Saint Tracy, we produce our rings with the highest-quality CZ stones which are flawless, with brilliant sparkle, has tremendous clarity, good durability and hardness. They are almost visually indistinguishable from natural diamonds. One fact I love most about CZ stones is that they can be made in different colors to simulate the different colors of a diamond.


While Cubic Zirconia stone looks like diamond and has many diamond-like qualities even to the point that some Jewelers with decades of experience cannot tell the difference between a high-quality CZ and a perfect diamond by simply comparing the two with mere glances without the help of a Jeweler’s loupe, Cubic Zirconia is not a diamond.


The synthetic material cubic zirconia is made of, is not as hard as diamond. In terms of hardness, Cubic Zirconia has an 8.5 hardness while Diamond is a 10 on the Mohs scale. (A scale of hardness used in classifying minerals.)

Cubic Zirconia is less durable than Diamond because its stone is more brittle than Diamond.

In terms of market value, Cubic Zirconia does not have market value. What this means is that you cannot resell your CZ stones. While a diamond, on the other hand, has market value. 

Unlike cubic zirconia, diamonds can be passed down for generations as a family heirloom. Diamond carries a certain reputation because it is stunning and a natural gemstones with a timeless appearance.


With the help of the different oxides in the creation process, Cubic zirconia comes in many different colors to simulate the different colors of a diamond.

However, Saint Tracy is supper excited to guide her clients on the best Jewelry stone depending on your budget and desire. Our Cubic Zirconia Stones are of the highest quality while our diamonds are forever!

We also have testers for our lovely clients who wants to know the type of stone they are wearing.

I will be dishing out more information on Cubic Zirconia in our next blog. Stay Tuned!

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