Choosing a Metal (Two-Toned Wedding Bands)

Choosing a Metal (Two-Toned Wedding Bands)

Sometimes, it could be really difficult to decide on a particular wedding band metal that will complement our desire. While we are excited at the sight of White gold, our hearts still yarns for a touch of yellow gold. This is exactly where two-tone band comes into the mix.  There is this fascinating brilliance and luxury that comes with the beauty and radiance of two different metals in the same jewelry piece. 

An integration of white and yellow gold, or white and rose gold will accentuate the shape and beauty of a wedding band design.


One fact I love about two tone band is that you can wear it with just about any ring. Irrespective of whether your other jewelries are white, yellow or stony a two-tone band will blend effortlessly and beautifully. It is very attractive in an ultra-fine way. In other words, it simply adds an interesting twist to any piece of jewelry.

You don’t need to worry about trends when you have a two-tone band because it has come to stay and will always be in vogue. It is unique, timeless yet sophisticated. It is a perfect choice for anyone who wishes to make a unique style statement. With two-tone band, you get to wallow in the glamour of two different metals; the contemporary and amorous rose gold with the warm and cosmopolitan yellow gold or the bright and gleaming white gold – you don’t have to compromise on what you love.

Saint Tracy understands that you are about to start a brand new chapter of your life and may want two-tone wedding bands that no one else is wearing, a bespoke wedding band grafted according to your specifications, she can make it a reality for you.

Guess what! You can also choose the material from 18 Karat White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold or even a combination of white and yellow gold.
Engraving services are also included, so that you can inscribe words of endearment in each other’s ring.

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