What happens if my ring doesn’t fit?

What happens if my ring doesn’t fit?

My ring doesn’t fit me – has to be one of the most awkward situations ever? Like imagine all the “paparazzi” – if your man is one of the few that went all out to propose to you – then, your friends and family are probably standing by, cheering you as you say Yes to the man of your dreams and when he stands up from his bended knees to wear the ring on your engagement finger – It doesn’t fit!

First off, don’t be embarrassed – yes, I know it must be  embarrassing especially because your friends immediately want to take out their phones and snap away to post on social media *sigh*.

For the time being, you can wear it on another finger – if it fits or use it as a neckpiece if you’re wearing a necklace until you have the time to resize it.


Here’s what you need to know if your ring doesn’t immediately fit

First and foremost, gentlemen, ensure that you buy your rings from a store that has a free exchange policy like Saint Tracy because we may have the same ring in a different size and will gladly exchange it for you. If we don’t have the same ring in a different size, we will offer to resize the ring if it is possible. Our Exchange Policy is 7 days from date of purchase, please propose as soon as you buy the ring lol. After 7 days, you will be charged a penalty fee of  N10,000 UP TO 30 DAYS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE.. All exchanges must take place within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, we can no longer exchange any ring.  

Smaller rings sizes can’t be resized

Unfortunately, there’s almost nothing that can be done if the ring size is too small or if it is an eternity band except exchange it for another set or design. Example, you bought a size 5 ring, and you find out you are a size 7.  We will advise you just pick a size 7 ring instead of trying to adjust the ring.

If the ring needs to go up more than two sizes, there can be significant stress put on the ring it will affect the claws holding the stones– and it may just not be worth it.

Usually, resizing a ring takes less than 2 weeks at our store.

What about temporary fixes?

If you can't have your ring resized right away, if it is too big, we may add a ring guard or snug to make it fit a little better. It is plastic and it is small enough to hide behind your finger and make the ring tighter.

Any other options if the ring doesn’t fit and it can’t be resized?

Alternatively, you can ask us to create a custom ring in your correct size.

On a final note, ladies – feel free to measure your ring sizes here  and give your man hints when you’re sure he is about to pop the question.

Gentlemen, to avoid all this plenty “wahala”, just borrow one of her old rings that she wears on that finger - when coming into the store or better yet learn how to measure her ring finger here and order the engagement ring from the comfort of your home.

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