How to maintain a white Gold Ring

How to maintain a white Gold Ring

White gold is a popular metal for rings and other fine jewelry. With good care, you can keep a white gold ring looking beautiful, but it sometimes requires maintenance beyond what is required for yellow gold. Most white gold is plated with rhodium, which keeps it whiter than the gold would appear in its natural state. Dulling of white gold may result from lack of cleaning or from its plating wearing off.

How to Clean White Gold Rings

Things You’ll Need
+ Mild soap
+ Ammonia
+ Lint-free cloth


+ Keep your white gold rings clean by washing them in soapy water; use a mild hand soap.

+ Add a little ammonia (just a drop) to the soapy water for added cleaning strength.

+ Use a soft cloth when cleaning to avoid scratching the ring.

+ Take your white gold to a jeweler if it starts to yellow. Many jewelers can bring it back to its original white finish
by replacing the rhodium plating.

+ Remove white gold rings before working with chemicals. Household chemicals such as bleach may damage       metals. Likewise, chemicals in cosmetics and styling products may adversely react with jewelry.

+ Store white gold rings in a soft jewelry case or cloth to prevent scratches.

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