How can I be sure my wedding ring matches my engagement ring?

How can I be sure my wedding ring matches my engagement ring?

So your man has finally proposed – and the engagement ring is just perfect! Congratulations!!!

You have started to plan for the wedding and you’re looking at choosing wedding bands. Choosing a wedding ring can be somewhat overwhelming especially with all the various styles and designs that are available. Lucky for you, we have outlined a few tips that can help make your shopping experience a breeze.

Pick the same metal

Your engagement and wedding ring should be made of the same metal not just the same colour. This is because if you choose a different metal from your engagement ring, you may find that it starts to wear at different rates – making one ring more worn out or even damaged than the other. When you shop at Saint Tracy, we can easily help you distinguish what metal your ring is made off and help point you in the right direction for your wedding bands.

Consider the shape of your wedding band

It is very important to consider the shape of your wedding band and how it will fit beneath the engagement ring. In recent times, most wedding bands tend to be curved allowing it to rest under the ring. So make sure to try a variety of shapes to see which suits your ring best.

Diamonds sets

If you’d like to add a touch of sparkle, you may go with a diamond set wedding band. They are also great especially if you don’t plan to always wear your engagement ring. You can also have go for a wedding set with diamonds to match your engagement ring for some extra pizzazz. It’s better to match the quality of the diamonds over the two rings so neither one outshines the other.

The width of the ring

The width of your wedding band is also another important factor to consider when trying to match your engagement ring. You’ll want to get a ring that perfectly matches the width and weight of your engagement ring. You don’t want a wide cut wedding ring that will overshadow your engagement ring especially if it’s a delicate slim cut. You’ll need to consider whether you’ll be wearing both your wedding ring and engagement ring together every day, if you’re, then a wider wedding ring might be suitable.

Add your personal touch to your wedding band

While I can imagine the excitement you felt at getting your engagement ring, like most brides, you may not have had any input in that process. However, since you’re going to be picking your wedding bands with your fiancé , A personal touch on the band such as engravings can make it extra special, especially if you are choosing a very simple band. A popular choice is the wedding date and initials inside the band.

On a final note, Saint Tracy has a beautiful collection of wedding bands available on our website, you can also come into any of our stores Nationwide.

If you have questions about the best wedding band to pair with your engagement ring, contact us for a personalized assistance. With our expert knowledge and guidance, choosing your wedding bands has never been so easy.




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