Fragments of Moments

Fragments of Moments

Are you looking for a perfect present for a loved one, a family member or your children? Have you thought of a high quality timepiece? Perhaps you are wondering what it represents? Alright, Saint Tracy is glad is help!

A timepiece is the perfect gift to give to someone that is dear to you. It is an astute present that will intimate them of you every time they put it on. Whoever you give it to will cherish that you have taken the time and extraneous effort to find them such a phenomenal gift.

  • A timepiece present from a man to a woman could mean ‘we are going to be together forever and a day!”
  • A timepiece present from a woman to a man could mean ‘my time is your time. Your time is my time’.
  • A timepiece present to a friend could mean ‘the times we’ve spent together is treasured and I am certain that we will be friends for a very long time!’
  • A timepiece present to a child represents the hope that the child will cherish his/her time and apply it to wisdom.



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